Jan 21, 2020

Learning the French Language – How to Improve Your Understanding of Regional Accents?

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I’ll always remember the unhappy look on the face of my pal after we got here out of that theater after watching a French talking film. Her mom tongue being English, she was virtually proficient within the French language, nonetheless, she had not understood a lot of the dialogues in that film in any respect. This expertise made her fairly depressed. Why was the rationale for that? The film was a film from southern France, with the everyday southern French accent.

If you end up studying a overseas language, and you’ve got the sensation that you’re progressing fairly nicely, you’d be somewhat upset while you’d realized you can’t perceive the language when it’s spoken with a regional accents.

The French language has all kinds of regional accents. Among the many hottest ones are the northern accent (du nord), the Southern accent (du midi) the Perpignan accent (de Perpignan), the Lyon accent (Lyonnais), the Alsace accent (Alacien). The Brittany accent (Breton), and extra.

All these accents are very totally different in tune and might make the French language sounds fairly totally different particularly for overseas ears. The rationale for that is that accents make phrases and even syllables sound very totally different from the extra flat “none-accent” Parisian French.

How will you make your self perceive French regional accents higher? The very first thing it’s good to do is deepen you understanding of the French language generally. You need to keep in mind that when you’ve got issues understanding any accent of the language it is as a result of your French won’t be robust sufficient. French natives haven’t any downside understanding any of the various accents of France and two individuals of various areas might be talking to at least one one other simply as if they’d the identical accent. This truly occurs on a regular basis!

The second factor you may need to do is hearken to a few of these regional French accents and get use to them. Once you ears hear a brand new accent, they should adapt to that new sounds or new tune. As soon as your ears are accustomed to the brand new tune, you understanding of the language with that specific accent will enhance enormously.

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