Jan 15, 2020

Learning French – How to Say the Alphabet in French

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Now that you have just a few French phrases and phrases below your belt, it is time to work in your pronunciation. I’ve a French pal who advised me that when he was in London on vacation he tried to ask for a bottle of water from a vendor. Sadly, though he was utilizing the fitting phrases, he needed to repeat himself possibly ten occasions for the seller to know. It wasn’t what my pal was saying, however the manner he was saying it.

That is more likely to occur to you when training your French on native audio system. Get a vowel mistaken, and you’re more likely to be misunderstood. Giving issues like your identify and tackle may be problematic, too, in your Anglo-Saxon identify, in case you have one, or your tackle will sound alien and be arduous to acknowledge.

This occurs to me loads in France, regardless that after dwelling right here for a number of years my French is of a excessive normal. My drawback is my surname, Lewis. Announcing it the English manner is totally unintelligible to French ears, who usually assume that I ought to be saying ‘Levi’s’, just like the denims!

A good suggestion when having difficulties understanding or being understood is to ask the way it’s spelled or to spell it your self. Spelling in English, although, will not aid you very a lot. The best way the French pronounce the alphabet isn’t the identical, though they use the identical twenty-six letters.

There are two approaches that I like to recommend for studying the French alphabet. Each are efficient, however in case you are not shy or self-conscious, I might go for the primary choice.

Methodology One

Go to youtube.com or another video sharing website that additionally has pages in French. Do a seek for ‘chanson alphabet’. It’s best to discover numerous movies of youngsters singing the alphabet in French to the tune of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ similar to we educate our children in English. Sing together with them! The melody and the rhythm will aid you to recollect the fitting pronunciation. Attempt to shake off any emotions you could have of being silly or infantile, remembering that baby are extremely environment friendly language learners and that you could be taught one thing from their strategies. Kids be taught languages by reciting songs and rhymes time and again. Do the identical, it really works.

Methodology Two

That is the grown-up manner. As a substitute of reciting the alphabet in (alphabetic!) order, divide the letters in to comparable sounds. The sounds you’ll hear within the French alphabet are roughly as follows:

‘ar’: A, H, Ok

‘ay’: B, C, D, G, P, T, V, W (pronounced ‘doobluh vay’ – double ‘v’)

‘e’: (like in ‘mattress’) F, L, M, N, S, Z (pronounced ‘zed’)

‘ee’: I, J, X, Y (pronounced ‘eegrek’ which means ‘Greek I’)

‘uh’: E

‘oh’: O

‘air’: R

‘oo’: U (say ‘oo’ not ‘you’, Q (say ‘koo’ not ‘queue’)

It’s also a good suggestion to affiliate every of the letter sounds to a phrase that you already know that comprises that sound. For instance, the French phrase for ‘tea’ is ‘le thé’ and has the identical vowel as all of the letters which are pronounced with ‘ay’.

Now you are geared up with the French alphabet, one final thing it’s essential to know is the query, ‘how do you spell that?’ It is remark ça s’écrit, which accurately means ‘how do you write it?’

Observe spelling your identify in French, then your tackle. You now have a dependable communication instrument to get you thru these awkward moments when you may’t make your self understood in French.

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