Jan 22, 2020

Learn to Speak French Lessons – Pronunciation of the French Alphabet

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If you wish to be taught to talk French, one of the best place to begin is the pronunciation of the French alphabet. Whereas the letters seem a lot as they do in English, the pronunciations can range vastly in some instances. These are additionally numerous symbols and accent marks which might be utilized within the French language. The next is the English alphabet with the French spelling and pronunciation of every letter:

Letter Spelling Pronunciation
A a "ah"
B be "bay"
C ce "say"
D de "day"
E e "uk"
F effe "ef"
G ge "ghay"
H ache "ash"
I i "ee"
J ji "jhay"
Okay ka "ka"
L elle "el"
M emme "em"
N enne
O o "op"
P pe "pay"
Q cu "koo"
R erre "ehr"
S esse "es"
T te "tay"
U u "oo"
V ve "vay"
W double ve "doo-blaw-vay"
X ixe "ex"
Y i grec "ee-grek"
Z zede "zed"

French vowels are pronounced based on any accent marks or the shortage of them. The next is a information to announcing vowels when you find yourself attempting to be taught to talk French:

Letter, Basic Spelling, Phonetic Spelling, French Examples:
i i, y ee vie, midi, lit
y u ee rounded rue, tissu
e é, et, closing er and ez ay ble, pied, cahier
o eu ay rounded bleu, queue
oe oeu, eu eh rounded fleur, soeur
a a, a, a ah chat, salade, papa
u ou ah longer chateau, grace
o o, o oh escargot, eau
oe ~ un uhn parfum, lundi
o ~ on, om ohm entrance, brun

There are additionally numerous consonant mixtures that you’ll want to know whenever you be taught to talk French. Beneath are just a few examples of those:

Letters Pronunciations French Examples
c and a, o, u ok automobile, caillou
c and e, i, y; or ç s macon, ceinture
ch sh architecte, archives
ex and a consonant eks expression, distinctive
ex and a vowel egz examen
g and a, o, u g ganglion, gomme
g and e, i, y zh gingembre, genou
h silent herbe, hazard
j zh jeune, jambe
qu, closing q ok que, quoi
th t theme, thym
ti and vowel (besides e) see nation, democratie
a vowel and as and a vowel z falaise, rose
x and a vowel z beaux arts, six ans
closing x s (solely these phrases) six, dix

There are additionally just a few exceptions to the foundations of pronunciation that you’ll want to know whenever you be taught to talk French. For instance, in phrases that start with in-, the nasal sound is barely used if these letters are adopted by a consonant. If they aren’t, then the proper pronunciation could be “een.” Additionally, in a phrase ending with a consonant, it’s often not pronounced, except that consonant is “a,” “,” “r,” “f,” or “l.” If a phrase ends in an “r” and is a verb, it additionally stays silent. There are a selection of different pronunciation guidelines that you’ll develop into extra conversant in as you be taught to talk French.

Studying French could be a difficult and rewarding expertise. Understanding the French alphabet in addition to the pronunciation of it will probably go a great distance in serving to you to perform this purpose.

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