Jan 27, 2020

Do You Make These 2 Fatal Mistakes With The French Verb Avoir?

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Do you need to examine the French language? If sure, you should discover ways to conjugate the verb avoir, as a result of you’ll use it each single day if you communicate French.

The verb avoir is an indispensable verb, together with the verb être, nonetheless it’s not straightforward to make use of them and put them on the proper place within the sentence.

Are you able to be taught the whole lot it’s worthwhile to know in regards to the irregular French verb avoir?

Be aware: I emphasised the verb avoir once I must display one thing. The English translation can even be in daring.

1)The verb avoir is likely one of the most typical French verbs. It’s an irregular verb, and the that means is: “to have”.

2)The verb to have have a number of meanings, and amongst them, the possession.


a) Some examples within the current tense:

J’ai une nouvelle maison: means “I have a brand new home”

J’ai une belle voiture: means “I personal a phenomenal automobile”

b) An instance previously tense:

J’ai eu une belle voiture: means “I owned a phenomenal automobile”

As an English or an American native, the verb avoir will be complicated, as a result of generally it has the that means of to be.

Let’s have a look at an instance:

How outdated are you? I am 20 years outdated. Translation: Quel age as-tu? J’ai 20 ans.

While you take a look at the instance above, you discover that “I’m 20 years outdated.” just isn’t “Je suis 20 ans.”

It turns into much more troublesome for the reason that translation of “I’m” ought to be “Je suis” (Je suis is taken from the primary individual of the verb to be).

It isn’t the one one, however you’ll discover many expressions with this subtlety:

I’m thirsty = J’ai soif (as a substitute of Je suis soif)

I’m chilly = J’ai froid (as a substitute of Je suis froid)

There’s a secret to beat this little drawback: observe! Take heed to French on a regular basis. There are loads of journal, audio tapes and instruments that will help you, and with the Web, you do not even want to go to Paris!

I do advocate that you simply see what is going on on there although.

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