Jan 20, 2020

Aimer – The French Word for ‘Love’ and ‘Like’

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French is the language of affection. It has given us so many horny phrases like panache, rendez-vous, liaison, femme fatale, stylish, je-ne-sais-quoi. You would possibly discover it unusual then, to find that the French have just one phrase for each to love and to like. The phrase is aimer, which comes from the Latin amor, that means ‘ardour’ or ‘love’.

Learn how to pronounce aimer

Do not be tempted to pronounce it just like the English phrase ‘purpose’. The primary a part of the phrase sounds just about like the way in which we are saying the letter ‘m’. The ultimate syllable is pronounced just a little like ‘ay’, however shorter. To say ‘I like’ or ‘I really like’ you drop the ultimate syllable and say ‘j’aime’. That can assist you bear in mind this all vital French verb, you can think about your self drooling over a diamond in a jeweler’s window and saying ‘gem’ – the pronunciation being fairly much like ‘j’aime’.

French phrases associated to aimer

You most likely know the French phrase for ‘good friend’ – ami. This phrase is derived from aimer however does not imply ‘lover’ – that will be ‘amant’. Nevertheless, the noun ‘love’ is amour – ‘I am in love is je suis amoureux. One other French phrase you’d immediately recognise can be amicale – ‘pleasant’.

Making the distinction between ‘I really like’ and ‘I like’

You need to use aimer to speak concerning the stuff you like: j’aime le cinema, j’aime le chocolat, j’aime visiter les monuments. In case you actually need to present that you’re loopy about one thing, you can say j’adore as a substitute. Nothing incorrect with just a little exaggeration, the French find it irresistible!

However, should you mentioned to somebody, je t’aime it might nicely be interpreted as ‘I really like you’ and would possibly ship them operating if that they had no thought of your amorous intentions! You may weaken the depth by saying, je t’aime bien (I such as you nicely). Saying this to your lover would nevertheless pour chilly water over any ardour that beforehand existed. To your lover, attempt saying, je t’aime très fort (I really like you very strongly).

A great way of build up language is to make thoughts maps based mostly on concepts or themes. Now that the French verb aimer means each ‘to like’ and ‘to love’, you can mind-map all of the stuff you like and love. Use a dictionary that can assist you and verify with a good friend or colleague who speaks French. Thus, a mind-map round aimer might embrace hobbies, sports activities, favorite dishes, family members. Remember to incorporate je n’aime pas – ”I do not like’ – it could possibly be helpful when travelling in a French talking nation.

As soon as you have a acquired a great grip on utilizing aimer to speak about your self, see the way it works for others. You will need to be taught just a few conjugations, nevertheless it’s an everyday verb and you need to get the grasp of it shortly. There are many good web sites that can assist you together with your grammar, however do not make it a precedence, it should all come collectively in good time. When visiting France, you may have loads of probabilities to follow saying j’aime!

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